Frequently asked questions

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Who is my donation going to?

Your donation is going to a portfolio of 38 excellent black-led and centered grassroots political organizations working at the intersection of electoral politics and justice reform in the swing states and states most affected by voter suppression.

Who chose the organizations?

We work with some of the country’s foremost Democracy, justice, and community organizing experts from organizations like One For Democracy, Movement Voter Project, Groundwork Project, Black Church PAC, Galaxy Gives and the Georgia Alliance to help us build the most impactful strategy and support the most effective organizations.

Will the organizations change?

As organizations reach their funding goals we will rotate them out of the portfolio either adding new organizations that meet our funding criteria or concentrating your donation to help close the funding gaps of the other organizations in our portfolio.

Who Runs the Swing State Victory Project?

Defeat by Tweet was founded by social justice entrepreneur Xander Schultz and brought to life via a collaboration between Resist This PAC and Defeat By Tweet.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Contributions to Swing State Victory Project are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Who Can Donate?

All US citizens can donate to Swing State Victory Project, however, because Swing State Victory Project is a federal super pac we do not accept contributions from foreign nationals.

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